Industrial Control System
Cyber Security Institute

ICS Cyber Security Training Curriculum

Training Alignment with Army Universal Task List

The table below represents that Tasks identified within the Army Universal Task List (AUTL) ADRP 1-03 dated October 2015 that align with training opportunities and curricula described under the ICSCSI curriculum. Specific training objectives and alignment with Tasks shall be refined during detail course content pre-planning, delivery, and testing.

Task ID Description
ART Establish and Maintain Access
ART Provide Intelligence Support to Cyber Electromagnetic Activities
ART Provide Intelligence Support to Cybersecurity
ART Provide Bulk Fuel
ART Purify Water
ART Provide Hygiene Support
ART Provide General Purpose Shelters and Systems
ART Provide Facilities Engineer Support
ART Provide Waste Management
ART Provide Engineer Support to Bases and Installations
ART Supply Mobile Electric Power
ART Coordinate Network Operations
ART Conduct Cyberspace Support
ART Develop Cyberspace Situation Awareness
ART 5.10.1 Provide Network Transport and Information Services
ART 5.10.2 Perform Department of Defense Information Network Operations
ART 5.10.3 Employ Communications Security
ART 5.12.1 Integrate Information-Related Capabilities
ART 5.12.2 Support Information Operations
ART Provide Infrastructure Support
ART Employ Intrusion Detection Devices
ART Provide Fire and Emergency Services
ART Respond to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Incidents
ART Support Host-Nation Telecommunications Infrastructure Reconstruction Program