Industrial Control System
Cyber Security Institute

ICS Cyber Security Training Curriculum

Introduction to Industrial Control System Cyber Security

This entry-level course is designed to provide a well-rounded overview of the issues facing industrial and military environments and the solutions around securing the automation systems from current and emerging cyber threats. Trainees begin with an overview of risk management and the components that translate cyber risk into business or mission risk. Each of these elements is discussed in relation to industrial systems, and how standards, guidelines and best practices are used to help reduce overall risk. Trainees are also introduced to methodologies used in the execution of actual system evaluations to assess current risk and identify areas of improvement. Instructor-led demonstrations focus on providing a real-world scenario combining not only ICS equipment, but also ICS-specific security technologies.

Duration 1 day
Available Format(s) Live / On-Line
Who should attend Anyone who works on or with ICS/FRCS
Prerequisites None
Hands-On Exercises / Labs None
Expected Outcome (STRATEGIC) General awareness of ICS/FRCS and industrial security
CEUs 6
Certification Ready None

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of Cyber Security Planning
    • Client Workforce Alignment
    • Client Workforce Organization
  • What are Industrial and Facility-Related Control Systems
    • Terms
    • System Overview (DCS, SCADA, FRCS, UMCS, BAS, BMS, ACS, FARS)
    • Basic Concepts of Design, Operation and Support
    • Impact of Security - Start to Finish
  • Why Industrial and Facility-Related Control Systems are at Risk from Cyber Threats
    • Challenges in Securing ICS/FRCS Architectures
    • Industrial Security Incidents
    • Cyber Threats and Trends
    • Misconceptions about Industrial Security
  • Why Industrial Security is Different from Information Security
    • Command and Less Common Threat Vectors
    • Understanding the Similiarities and Differences
    • Endpoints and Cyber Security
    • Major Security Objectives
    • Security Life Cycle Management
  • Goverment and Defense ICS/FRCS Cyber Security Overview
    • Advanced Cyber ICS Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (ACI-TTP) for DoD ICS
    • Cyber Security of Facility-Related Control Systems
    • Cyber Security of Utility Monitoring Control Systems

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