Industrial Control System
Cyber Security Institute

Ethical Hacking for Industrial Control Systems is NOW OPEN for registration! Check out CURRICULUM->ETHICAL HACKING FOR ICS for more details and registration.

ICS Cyber Security Training Curriculum

On July 14, 2023, ICSCSI released the first in a series of EXPRESS format training courses based on the legacy format. These courses offer the same technical content without the burden of assignments, exercises and examinations resulting in a course tuition price that has never been seen in the OT/ICS training space. This price reduction allows ICSCSI and SCADAhacker to bring this vital training to a wider range of students. ICS/OT cyber security training by validated subject matter experts for less than $1500!

Think of the EXPRESS FORMAT as an "ala carte" version of the longer more structured legacy training programs. If students can see value in a textbook, they can purchase the "Industrial Network Security, 2nd ed" book via on-site links. Even a course at this price has a textbook which continues to be the only one in the sector to offer more than just PowerPoint! If you already own the book , then why pay for another copy! Some students are looking for a quick knowledge "dump" of details relating to industrial cyber security, while others want to interact with the course at a slower and more in-depth manner. EXPRESS provides this flexibility ... and much more to come in the future as the courses evolve.

Unlike the legacy courses that had no pre-set enrollment expiration, all EXPRESS courses provide enrollment that is limited to 6 months (2 months more than a leading competitor in the training space charging 10-15X the tuition!). Special "extension" pricing will be offered at the end of the enrollment to extend access to the course content on a yearly basis .... again a first in the ICS/OT cyber security training space.

Self-registration into the Moodle Learning Management System used by ICSCSI/SCADAhacker and EXPRESS course enrollment is now available for "Fundamentals of Industrial Control System Cyber Security EXPRESS". This takes just a few simple steps and a few minutes to complete ...

  • Visit the ICSCSI Learning Management System at and click "Create new account" on the page

  • Enter the required information and create your own account for the Learning Management System and click "Create my new account" at the bottom of the page

  • You will receive a confirmation screen that your registration was registered, including the email address that a confirmation will be sent for confirmation. It is important that you confirm this new account in 24 hours.

  • If your did NOT "confirm" your new registration and attempt to login to the LMS, or if you do not receive the confirmation email and attempt to login, you can select "Resend confirmation email" to resend the message. Be sure and check your Spam folders for this email.

  • If you selected "Resend confirmation email" on the previous screen, you will again receive a confirmation of where the email was sent and that you have 24 hours to response. If this does not succeed, following the instructions to contact the Site Administrator for assistance.

  • Check your email for registration confirmation and click the required link in the message. You cannot login to any of the LMS or its courses without this confirmation. Failure to complete this step in 24 hours will result in the deletion of the account and require a new site registration to occur.

  • Once you receive the confirmation email and click the link, you should be provided with the screen below. Click "Continue" to be automatically logged in to the LMS.

  • ALL COURSES for the LMS will be displayed after selecting "Dashboard" ... however, you will only be able to self-enroll in the "EXPRESS" courses that are listed at the top of list. There is also a video available on the Dashboard that provides an overview of the ICSCSI/SCADAhacker Learning Management System, its content, courses, and capabilities.

    A "free preview" (again something no one else in the cyber training space is willing to offer) of the course is available to provide you an overview of the structure, content, and organization of the course material. Be sure an select "Fundamentals of  Industrial Cyber Security (EXPRESS) FREE PREVIEW" to take a short live tour of the LMS for this course.

  • You must self-enroll in one of the EXPRESS COURSES within 24 hours of enrollment. If you fail to perform this step, your account and registration will be deleted. Contact the Site Administrator for assistance if you have problems at this point.

  • Once you have paid the tuition, you will be presented with the appropriate course when you select "My courses"! Enjoy and Learn!!!